Another Perfect Day






Hammer pounding in my heart, I think it´s gonna burst,
Spring unwinding in my head, I don´t know which is worse,
I hear you talking but the words are kinda strange,
One of us is crazy and the other one´s insane

Stay Calm, don´t be alarmed, it´s just a holiday,
Back At The Funny Farm

Nothing in this cold white room to help me recognise,
I don´t understand why everyone is in disguise,
I gotta leave right now, I can´t stay here no more,
But I´m afraid to try in case they lock the door

Can´t find no windows but I gotta get outside,
Can you help me stand it feels like both my legs have died,
What was that injection ´cos I think it´s going wrong,
I really like this jacket but the sleeves are much too long




Hard time getting to ya babe,
Double take, figure real rough trade,
But you know I´m a real good lover,
Can´t judge a book by its cover,
I know and you know I know,
Can´t trust your intuition no more

Look good and I make you smile,
Bet you thought I wouldn´t have no style,
I´m gonna turn your head around,
Won´t know ´til you hit the ground,
Gonna change the way you feel,
I´m gonna roll you like a wheel

High life, I´m a fool for you,
Low life, I like to break the rules,
First bite, you know I got a taste for you,
I´m gonna make you Shine

Be a switch to say the least,
My beauty gonna meet your beast,
Comin´ over and shake your tree,
My body´s gonna set you free,
I know and you know it´s true,
Move over I´m coming through

It´s all over and I got you down,
Gonna chase you round and round,
Mess around with the way I feel,
Gonna offer you a whole new deal,
Gonna lay it on ya just for kicks,
Down on ya like a ton of bricks




 know you thought you were a real operator,
But I don´t know why,
All you had was a bankroll babe,
And a glint in your eye,
I´m high steppin´ like an indian brave,
I´m the one Dancing On Your Grave

You know I´m a killer babe,
Here´s late news for you,
You couldn´t buy me with a million, babe,
I´m too good for you,
I know you think I´m a real rough trade,
Now I´m the one Dancing On Your Grave

One time you was a real high-stepper,
On the high trapeze,
But you know you ran out of money,
Wound up on your knees,
I´m the one you never made,
Now I´m the one Dancing On Your Grave




Rock ´n´ roll, save your soul,
And I got it,
Give it to me, loud and free,
Don´t knock it,
Let me hear it ´til the end of time,
It´s the only way,
Send shivers up and down your spine,
You can´t stop it,

I´m tellin´ you one more time,
It ain´t no crime, Rock It

It´s the only way to fly,
Gotta have it,
Break through, gonna break you too,
Better grab it,
Let me hear it ´til the end of time,
I´ts the only way,
It´ll stop you on a dime,
Gotta have it,

Rock ´n´ roll music gonna stop the world,
Can´t lose it,
It´ll make your toenails curl,
Can´t defuse it,
Let me hear it all the time,
It´s the only way,
Gonna make you feel alright,
You can´t excuse it




One arm bandit, one way ride,
One arm bandit, one more try,
One way ticket, one horse town,
One way ticket, no way down,

One Track Mind (x4)

Two lane highway, two hand car,
Two lane highway, too damn far,
Two faced women, two time guys,
Two faced women, two black eyes,

One Track Mind (x4)

Three time loser, break the law,
Three time loser, two bit whore,
Three ring circus, free form show,
Three ring circus, way to go,

One Track Mind (x4)




Out to lunch, speak your piece,
Good and drunk, back on the street,
What you see is what you get,
No matter what you say,
No time for anything,
To take the pain away,
You sure ain´t the chosen few,
You sure turned a trick or two,
You pulled the deuce this time,
Another Perfect Day.

Golden boy, take your chance,
You´re a clockwork toy, you´re a dime a dance,
The truth is only black and white,
No shade of grey,
It´s easy answers babe,
But it´s hell to pay,
You know it´s just the same for you,
Ain´t nothing you can do,
No chance to change it now,
Another Perfect Day.

Total war, blow your stack,
Say no more, you know you can´t go back,
You´re acting dumb babe, you don´t know,
The places you can go,
You know you tell the truth,
In a different way,
No court of law would find for you,
No matter what you do,
Could be the perfect crime,
Another Perfect Day.




Another battle´s over,
It´s a million soldiers,
Never rise again,
We lost a million friends,
You can´t understand,
If you weren´t there,
You felt different then,
Marching Off To War

Show no quarter,
Delight in slaughter,
Up for your last long ride,
Maybe God´s on the other side,
Don´t try to understand,
If you weren´t there,
You felt different then,
Marching Off To War

Don´t need no vindication,
Fight for the nation,
You know you´re going to hell,
But you wear it well,
You´ll never understand,
If you weren´t there,
You felt different then,
Marching Off To War




Here´s the story, there´s only me,
No other place for you to be,
I´ts only you babe, it´s only you,
I can´t believe the things you do,
Right now, right here,
Ain´t gonna let you disappear,
Right now, this time,
You got yours and I Got Mine

Come on lover, go back to start,
I got your picture in my heart,
It´s only me babe, it´s only me,
Refuse disposal refugee,
Right now, right here,
You just might be my new career,
Right now, this time,
You got yours and I Got Mine

Come on baby, stay close to me,
You got me fallin´ out my tree,
Be my lover, the only one,
Be anything but don´t be gone,
Right now, right here,
Ain´t gonna let you disappear,
Right now, this time,
You got yours and I Got Mine




I can´t believe the tales you tell me,
I ain´t buying the stuff you sell me,
Hey baby, I´m telling you what,
You think I´m sold but maybe I´m not,
You tell me, Tales Of Glory,
But I know, whoa babe it´s the same old story,

You think I´m gonna fall for you,
You reckon that I´m going right through,
But I ain´t no adolescent,
I´m just onna keep you guessing,
You ain´t gonna stitch me up,
You´ll find that I´m real bad luck,
I´m gonna leave you babe,
But think of the money you´ll save,
You tell me, Tales Of Glory,
But I know whoa babe it´s the same old story

Leave me out, leave me out,
Sick and tired without a doubt,
Get me out, get me out,
Get me out of here,
Endlessly, endlessly,
Your mouth won´t set me free,
Endlessly, endlessly,
Rabbit in my ear




You can smell the danger, watch your step,
See the friendly stranger, stretch your neck,
Keep them in the dark now, it´s alright,
You know they only come out at night,

Your shadow´s alive, it breathes at your side,
Got no place to hide, be with you ´til the day you die,

You can hear the rumours, shut your mouth,
Deal with the misfits, wipe ´em out,
Search in all the bedrooms, use your head,
Listen to your conscience, wake the dead,

Mother kiss the vampire, shut the door,
Rats in all the rooms babe, hit the floor,
I think it´s a gamble, but what´s your sign?
Upway at the downside, stay in line

Die, Die, Die You Bastard!


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